Iowa CCI in the ’70s

Three victories that continue to “put people first” today:

  • Gave renters the tools they need:
    We helped pass the Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. It remains an important state law that holds landlords accountable for fair treatment and decent living conditions.
  • Increased investment in low-income neighborhoods:
    Our work on mortgage red-lining resulted in the passage of the state Neighborhood Revitalization Law, which lets cities incentivize much needed investments in our older and low-income neighborhoods.
  • Established affordable health care in Waterloo:
    The Peoples Community Health Clinic – which started in the basement of a church – now has its own permanent location and serves patients in three languages. The clinic got its start after members fought for and won the allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds to establish a healthcare center for the under served.


Our first organizing issue:

A dilapidated, vacant motel sat abandoned in a Waterloo neighborhood for more than two years. But, through organizing, CCI members pushed the city to have the structure torn down and removed in eight weeks!

From here the spark of organizing caught fire!


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