Iowa CCI in the ’00s

We “Put People First” on a wide range of issues:


Awards and Recognition

  • Our organizing was featured on the final episode of “Bill Moyers Journal” in April 2009. He described our members as “advocates for the people”.
  • The Nation magazine named us “Most Valuable Grassroots Advocacy Group” in 2009.
  • The Ford Foundation awarded us the Leadership for a Changing World Award — one of 18 groups nationwide recognized for making an extraordinary difference.


Put people before shady lenders’ profits

  • Won lending agreements with the top four subprime mortgage lenders in Iowa that changed the way they did business in Iowa and helped families reclaim over $5 million in assets.
  • Won a Real Estate Contract Sales ordinance in Des Moines to protect buyers from deceitful deals.
  • Helped put Rod Wolford, Sr., owner of the Wolford Group – Iowa’s largest contract real estate seller, in jail for 75 year for defrauding home buyers and sellers.


Put people before factory farm polluters

  • Stopped more than four dozen factory farms from building in communities across the state.
  • Forced the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to levy fines for environmental violations across the state, including a $50,000 fine for a habitual environmental violator in Audubon County.


Gave Latinos in our community a voice

  • Started Iowa’s first Latino-led organizing chapter in Marshalltown in 2003 and in Des Moines in 2004.
  • Help members get action on issues of fair treatment in the workplace and from law enforcement.


Started a campaign to get big money out of politics

  • Formally launched our Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections project to address the corrosive and corrupting influence of big money on our political system.
  • Helped pass a law that requires 527s – attack ad groups – to disclose where they get their funds and how they spend their money in Iowa.


Other notable achievements

  • We hosted the Heartland Presidential Forum in December 2007 that put everyday leaders from organizing groups, like Iowa CCI, across the country on the national stage with five presidential hopefuls, including future President Barack Obama.
  • We moved into our new, permanent office space on the near north side of Des Moines signaling to members and the larger community that we are here to stay. Our rehabbed office space became the anchor for more investment and development along Des Moines’ Forest Avenue corridor.


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