Guiding Principles

Since 1975, our work has held fast to these core guiding principles:

  • Everyday people can be a powerful force for justice. People most directly impacted by an issue should be in the driver’s seat, making decisions and taking leadership roles.
  • We get things done on tough issues by being strategic, action-oriented and persistent, and by dealing directly with decision-makers.
  • We use people power to get things done and achieve a more just and democratic society.
  • We always have something to learn. We’re open to new ideas and new ways of doing things.
  • Standing with others, fighting for justice can make us smile, laugh and feel good.

Our Mission:

To empower and unite grassroots people of all ethnic backgrounds to take control of their communities; involve them in identifying problems and needs and in taking action to address them; and be a vehicle for social, economic, and environmental justice.


Our Vision

We envision a just world in which:

  • The rich diversity of our world and its people are respected.
  • All people can expect to live a life free from discrimination and to be treated fairly.
  • Everyday people participate in decisions about the communities in which they live and work, invigorating our democratic processes and ensuring public policy reflects the common good.
  • All people who contribute to our nation’s prosperity benefit from it.
  • Our immigration system is reformed allowing people the opportunity to arrive in the country legally and to receive equal protection.
  • Everyone has a safe neighborhood, affordable healthcare, quality education and a living wage.
  • Everyone has access to fair and affordable credit and can achieve the dream of home ownership if they desire.
  • All citizens and corporations are good stewards of our environment.
  • Air and water quality are given rights for current and future generations.
  • People and the environment are not exploited in the interest of corporate profits.
Statement approved by the Iowa CCI board in 2009.