Three HUGE factory farm victories

It’s only a month into the new year and we’ve already had some tremendous factory farm victories! Here are some exciting updates to brighten your day.

  1. 88 counties in Iowa passed the Master Matrix! Your calls, emails, and Letters to the Editor paid off. Now, most Iowa counties will be able to use this tool throughout 2017 and weigh in on factory farm construction in their communities.

So, why didn’t 11 counties pass it? We talked to supervisors across the state, and they feel like their concerns aren’t being heard by the DNR – despite using of the Master Matrix. This shows that there is demand for true local control in Iowa! The DNR needs to stand up to corporate polluters and listen to the voices of thousands of Iowans.

  1. Two huge factory farms denied in North Central Iowa!

This week, CCI members stood up and spoke out against two huge factory farm proposals – and their supervisors listened!

In Mitchell, supervisors denied an application for a 5,000-head Iowa Select factory farm. And in Cerro Gordo, supervisors denied an application to expand an existing factory farm from 1,864 total head to 9,154 total head.

After community input and review, both boards deducted points from the Master Matrix, giving the applicants a failing grade. Great job!

  1. Neighbors will now receive notice!CCI members in Cerro Gordo organized and got their supervisors to agree to mail notification to neighbors near proposed factory farm sites! This is another important tool we can use to give our communities more time to react, organize, and fight back against to these developments.

Do you want neighbor notification in your community, too? Get in touch to find out more!
And the best news of all is that more and more people across Iowa are demanding change. These victories wouldn’t have happened with you standing up and fighting back!

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