Regent transparency hearing talking points

Print these talking points off and take them with you:


  • Say your name, where you are from, and that you are a proud member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.
  • Governor Branstad, Regent President Craig Lang, and Regent Pro-Tem Bruce Rastetter have twisted the role of Iowa’s public universities to serve private interests rather than the public good.
  • Corporate corruption inside our public institutions by our public officials is not acceptable.
  • Pick one scandal that you care about the most and particularly makes you angry. ┬áMaybe it’s the closure of UNI’s Price Lab, or the ISU/AgriSol landgrab in Tanzania, or the infringement of academic freedom at the Tom Harkin Institute of Public Policy, or the hiring of private corporate lobbyists to serve as university representatives, or regents working with industry lobby groups to silence outspoken professors. ┬áPick one and briefly explain why you care and why it’s wrong.
  • Say you demand the Regents Transparency Talksforce to:
  1. Develop a clear ethics complaint process to enforce Regents ethics policy;
  2. Mandate public comment at all Regents meetings;
  3. Require additional public hearings four times a year in all four congressional districts;
  4. End the revolving door between public institutions and private corporations;
  5. Strengthen financial disclosure reporting requirements.