Clean Elections

Did you ever wonder what would happen if elections were truly clean, fair, and transparent?

What would happen if all candidates had the same amount of money to spend? If big money and special interest contributions were a thing of the past? If elected officials were truly accountable to the voters?

Here at Iowa CCI we believe that our elected officials should answer to we the people, not big money and corporate interests.  We strongly disagree with Mitt Romney; we do not believe “corporations are people, my friend.”

It’s time to take our elections back.

People should matter more and money should matter less. It’s time that Main Street not Wall Street determines elections. It’s time elected officials focus on the good of our country, not the good of lobbyist cronies and their giant corporate bottom lines.

What we’ve done:

  • Helped pass Iowa legislation that forces 527 “attack ad” groups to disclosure where they get and how they spend their money.
  • Been a watchdog and exposed corporate spending in our elections and “wining and dining” events during the legislative session.
  • Lead the fight in Iowa for a state Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) bill and the federal Fair Elections Now Act.

Join the Fight:

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