Wrapping up a CCI summer & kicking off autumn

You’ve had one hell of a summer.

Whether you were fighting factory farms, winning back stolen wages, or attending a meeting with the head of the EPA – you’ve been busy. It’s time to celebrate your summer successes, and kick off autumn. Check out a few highlights in photos:

Together, we’ve accomplished a lot:

  • Talked to hundreds of everyday Iowans about clean water, and garnered over 3,500 signatures in support of clean water.
  • Pushed for a strong work plan mandating Clean Water Act enforcement for factory farms in Iowa – in September, it was finally signed.
  • Won back $3,857 in stolen wages from Iowa workers.
  • Empowered over 670 immigrants and immigrant allies to take action on fair immigration reform.
  • Pushed your “Put People First” Agenda at the national level at congressional meetings throughout the August Recess.
  • Kept your work for a more just & democratic Iowa in statewide & national media over 80 days this summer.
  • And more!

Reflecting on such a great summer, we can’t wait to see what autumn brings. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how you can help us keep the momentum going.


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