Victory! Dallas County Factory Farm Plans Scrapped

We won!

Organizing works. Just ask the CCI members who have, in just a few weeks time, mobilized their neighbors to stop a proposed 5,000-head Cargill-backed hog factory in Dallas County.

The neighbors responded quickly – engaging the developer directly on his doorstep, sending a Mother’s day card to the developer’s wife, and picketing outside the car wash owned by the developer.

And just as the neighbors were preparing to testify at the Dallas County Board of Supervisors, they received this note from the developer:

It’s proof once again that positive change works best when real people are telling their stories, engaging their neighbors, and standing up to confront corporate power and change hearts and minds.

We faced huge odds; there’s no doubt this was an uphill battle. But it shows that People Power pays off. We were only able to do this because of the support and hard work of members like you.

This is a big win, but it’s critical that we stay hopeful and keep fighting. There are a number of other factory farms across the state still moving forward and we need you to get involved.

Join the Fight!

If we want to see more wins like Dallas County all across the state, there are four things you can do right now to help:

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