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America deserves better. We’ve had enough.

I have a Wells Fargo (or other big bank) account and I’m ready, willing and able to move my money!

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18Abbey Floyd50322May 18, 2012
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15Paul Haider60654-8885May 18, 2012
14Elda Fuentes50313May 11, 2012


Wells Fargo has its hands deep in America’s pockets.

Having so far escaped justice for helping crash the economy, Wells Fargo has long taken more than its fair share.

The bank is making BILLIONS off the 99%, profiting at our communities loss by leading the nation in foreclosures, predatory lending and hoarding BILLIONS in unpaid taxes that should have gone to keep our schools open, caring for our elders and putting America back to work.

The American economy is broken – it works for the wealthiest 1% and large corporations like Wells Fargo, not for the 99%.

Take the pledge to move your money now! >>>

Wells Fargo and the other big banks have been running the show for too long. This spring, it’s our turn.

  • No more rules that benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%.
  • No more big bank money in our democracy.
  • No more record profits without paying a fair share in taxes.
  • No more profiting off of private prisons and investing in factory farms.
  • Wells must end foreclosures as we know it, resettling mortgages to fair market value.

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