SCOTUS ruling could impact Iowa 2014 Elections

peoplemoremoneyIowa CCI Members Slam U.S. Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Aggregate Campaign Contribution Limits


Iowa Congressional Races Could Be Impacted This Year


Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) slammed a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in McCutcheon vs. the FEC to do away with aggregate political donor limits, a ruling that will open the floodgates for a small handful of America’s richest 1 percent to continue corrupting the country’s democratic institutions through massive campaign contributions.

Iowa CCI members also warn that the 5-4 ruling could have an immediate impact on Iowa’s congressional midterm elections and call on everyday Iowans to organize to protect the interests of the common good against a potential onslaught of corporate money.

“The floodgates are totally open now and the negative impact of this decision could have far-reaching consequences, starting right now in this election cycle,” said Susie Petra, a retired teacher and CCI member from Ames, Iowa.

“It’s up to the people to fight this, and we call on everyday Iowans to stand up and make our voices heard.”

In 2012, only 646 Americans reached the 2012 cap, for a total of $93.4 million.

“The Supreme Court argued that the voices of a few hundred billionaires are worth more than the voices of 300 million Americans,” Petra added.

There are over 140 protests taking place in 38 states and Washington DC with a list available at:

Emergency rallies being held April 2 in Iowa are:

West Steps of the State Capitol in Des Moines

at 5:00 PM

Clinton and Iowa Avenue, east of the Old Capitol building Iowa City IA 52242

at 12:00 PM

2126 W 59th St Davenport IA 52806

at 5:00 PM

131 E 4th St Davenport IA 52801

at 5:00 PM

Federal Building, Cedar Rapids, IA

at 5:00pm