Press Round-Up: Broken Heartland rally to say #NoBakken

We held a “Broken Heartland” rally against the Bakken pipeline at the capitol grounds. Over 100 folks showed up! This powerful rally received coverage from around the state…



IUB gives Dakota Access ‘OK’ for pipeline for construction

Adam Mason is the state policy director for Iowa Citizen for Community Improvement, one of the most vocal activist groups fighting the pipeline. He said his organization has branded the coming months as the “Summer of Resistance,” and will support

Approved – work starting on parts of new oil pipeline across Iowa

Wanatee was not alone in her opposition to the pipeline. Opponents gathered for another rally on Monday just a few football fields from the Capitol. Iowa CCI organized the protest by the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. The protesters said the

IUB gives Bakken Pipeline OK to start construction, but questions

Adam Mason, Iowa CCI says, “There’s going to be lots and lots of little skirmishes all over the state, where landowners continue to hold out, forcing them to use eminent domain, and we want to encourage them in this fight.” And Brenda Brink, Organizer

Iowa Regulators Approve Bakken Oil Pipeline Construction

The Iowa Utilities Board initially voted in March to approve the pipeline but said all necessary paperwork needed to be turned in before construction could begin. On Monday, however, the board approved Dakota Access’ request to begin even though some …

Iowa board votes to allow pipeline work to begin in state

“We’re here to demonstrate that this is not a done deal,” said Peter Clay, a Des Moines volunteer for the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. “We absolutely will stop construction of this pipeline wherever we can. We’ll make sure no oil ever flows

For-Profit Pipelines Are Growing And So Are Eminent Domain Battles

The project, known as the Bakken pipeline, is one of many fossil fuel lines across the nation that traditionally raise concerns about their environmental and safety risks. That’s because oil transportation largely relies on trains and pipelines and out

Pipeline protesters plan ‘summer of resistance’

Bakken-rally-616 Critics of the Iowa Utilities Board decision giving developers of a crude oil pipeline permission to start construction in Iowa say it’s a “small set-back” and there are “other ways” to stop the project. A few dozen protesters rallied

Iowa Utilities Board gives 2-1 approval for Bakken pipeline construction

The Iowa Utilities Board voted 2-1 today to approve an order that would allow Dakota Access to begin building the Bakken oil pipeline. Board members expressed concern last week that allowing construction would impact their March order approving the …

Two Iowa Landowners Vow to Continue Fight Against Bakken Pipeline

Arlene Bates and Dick Lamb are two landowners with a very similar story to tell. “It’s been in our family since 1907,” Bates said. “My grandfather …