How you can join the Fight for $15 movement

“I read somewhere that we have certain unalienable rights: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, I can’t pursue happiness on $7.25 an hour!”




Doug Hunter, fast food worker and Fight for $15 movement leader, rocked the room last week during our meeting on how we’re going to win $15/hr in Iowa. He was joined by Caleb Jennings – SEIU’s Fight for $15 Chicago Director.

The Fight for $15 campaign is winning big and it’s not surprising – the energy is incredible. Doug shared his inspiring story of how he joined the movement: organizers came into his store and he avoided them because he felt like corporate in a way. But, when his boss told him that he couldn’t talk to the organizers or he would be fired he did just the opposite because that ain’t right!

Since then, Doug has been a leader in the movement – he even went on strike last year after working at McDonald’s for 5 years and only making $9.25/hr.

State after state and city after city are raising their minimum wage. It’s because people like Doug and Caleb are putting their feet in the street and demanding a living wage. They’re excited about what we’re doing in Iowa, and our potential to win $15/hr.


Will you be a part of the #fightfor15 movement?

We’re going to win this.


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