Home Builders: Don’t protect unscrupulous employers

Our message for the Greater Des Moines Home Builders Association:  stop protecting unscrupulous employers from stealing wages with your inaction.

Yesterday 20 CCI members dropped by the Home Builders Association office to Executive Officer Creighton Cox to call Chris Kern, a subcontractor on one of the Home Show Expo houses, and tell him to stop ignoring his responsibilities as an employer and pay CCI member Roberto all of the money he is owed for his work with Double C Corp

Creighton was at the National Association of Home Builders Conference in New Orleans, and the woman who attended to us preferred to call the police instead of speak with our members or read our letter. To get Creighton’s attention CCI members “tweeted” messages to him, asking him to take action against wage theft.

Still, our members were firm in their commitment that the corporations at the top of the construction industry need to take responsibility and stop wage theft on their projects.  We went to reclaim Roberto’s payment, but also demand changes that will benefit and protect all workers. As CCI member Pedro said yesterday:

“This way the businesses will know that we the workers aren’t stupid.  We support each other.”


We went directly to the HBA because Chris only responds to pressure from the people who give him jobs, Grand Homes and Renovations and other members of the Home Builders Association.  He only answered our calls after we went to pass out flyers at the Home Show Expo several weeks ago. He knew he owed Roberto money and told CCI he would meet with us the next day, but he had to rearrange his schedule and he would call us back.  Since that phone call two weeks ago, Chris has not called us back or answered any of our calls back.

Our power analysis of the Home Show Expo wage theft case.


So, we’re climbing the power tree!

When the HBA washes their hands of wage theft that happened on a home in their own Home Show Expo, it allows Double C Corp and other subcontractors to steal wages from their workers with impunity.  We hold our businesses in Iowa to a higher standard.  Wage theft is rampant in the new home construction industry, and its time for the home builders to take a stand against worker abuses.

Will you contact the Home Builders Association and Grand Homes and Renovations about wage theft on their entry in the Home Show Expo?

  1. Creighton Cox, Executive Officer of HBA Des Moines
    (515) 778-5516
    The HBA needs to take responsibility and call Chris Kern and tell him to pay his workers.  They should not tolerate wage theft, especially on a house they use to showcase the best of the best. Let Creighton Cox know you think its a shame the HBA is showcasing wage theft and that he needs to work to resolve this problem ASAP.
  2. Carrie Norris, Grand Homes & Renovations
    (515) 967-6195
    Carrie is an owner of Grand Homes & Renovations, who built house #7 and hired Chris Kern to do the roof.  CCI staff have spoken with Carrie and she called Chris once, but she needs to take the problem more seriously and ensure that Chris pays his workers. Carrie is also the Vice President of the HBA of Greater Des Moines.
  3. Chris Kern, Double C Corp
    See if you can get Chris on the phone and tell him to meet with CCI! Our calls so far have not been answered or returned.
After you’ve made a call or sent some emails, let us know how they went!


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