We’re reminded daily

We’re reminded daily why the Clean Water Act must be strengthened.

  • Cargill and EPC commissioner Brent Rastetter, have applied to expand three factory farms in Adair and Union Counties. We’ve been successful at blocking two out of the three so far, but if these applications go through, they would house 14,880 corporate hogs and produce 3,806,950 gallons of liquid toxic manure a year.  These sites are located near tributaries of the Nodaway River and Nine Mile Creek. so manure spills could threaten those rivers.
  • Meanwhile, in Story County, Maschhoff Pork is trying to build a new 4,600-head factory farm. This site would be extremely close to an important waterway – in this case, only 500 feet from West Indian Creek, which goes on to run through the middle of Nevada.

These two cases aren’t the only ones CCI members and grassroots Iowans are fighting across the state right now.  In county after county, we are hearing reports of new factory farm construction and we are working closely with everyday people to fight back.  In many cases, we are winning.

But as the DNR’s new Clean Water Act rules move forward, this is what’s at stake: whether factory farms can build (and spill) with impunity or whether they have to play by tougher rules. That is also to say, tougher Clean Water Act rules could make it easier to stop a factory farm near you.

Stay tuned for the next action we need you to take in the Clean Water Fight!


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