Calling Linn Co. factory farm fighters

A giant 5,600-head factory farm owned by Maschoff Pork – the fourth largest hog corporation in the U.S  –  is being proposed near the town of Center Point in Linn County (Spring Grove township).

This site will produce millions of gallons of toxic manure every year. Factory farms pollute our air and water, lower our property values, force family farmers out of business, damage our county roads, and threaten the local economy.

Local neighbors and area residents are organizing and mobilizing to fight back, but they need your help.

Here are two things you can do right now to help keep more corporate factory farms out of Linn County.


1)  Contact the Linn County Board of Supervisors by calling (319) 892-5000 or emailing

a. Tell them your name and where you live.

b. Tell them you demand they vote no on the proposed factory farm (because of air/water/property concerns).

c. Send a copy of your email or a summary of your phone conversation to so we can track our efforts.

2) Attend the public hearing Monday, October 22 at 9am and stand up and speak out for clean air and water. Say no to factory farms!


Join the fight


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