BREAKING: Army Corps approves Bakken pipeline


Iowa CCI members & Bold Iowa blast “business as usual” regulatory decision; vow ongoing resistance through non-violent direct action

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) and Bold Iowa today challenged the permit authorization granted to Texas based Dakota Access by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The authorization of Pre-Construction Notifications (PCN’s) essentially allows the pipeline to cross 64 waterways, and clears the last official regulatory hurdle Dakota Access faces.

In a letter dated July 25, 2016 and filed with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) today, the US Army Corps issued conditions under which Dakota Access may move forward with construction of the 1,168 mile pipeline. The Corps’ authorization specifically addresses conditions over 60 water crossings.

The end of the Corps’ letter to Dakota Access states it wants Dakota Access to complete a questionnaire to ensure that the Corps is giving its “customers” timely and efficient service.

“Today’s decision from the Army Corps isn’t a surprise.” said Cherie Mortice, Iowa CCI Board President from Des Moines, IA. “It has been ‘business as usual’ for Iowa and federal regulators – putting corporate interests ahead of the common good and our land.”

Bold Iowa, Iowa CCI members and other groups in the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition remain steadfast in their opposition to the pipeline for environmental, social, and moral reasons.

“The proposed Bakken Pipeline is all risk and no reward for Iowa” said Dick Lamb, a Boone Co. landowner in the pipeline’s path. “It isn’t a question of if but when it will leak, and when it does it will irreparably destroy valuable Iowa farmland and the waterways we depend on.”

Pipeline fighters vow to continue building the resistance. Direct Actions, rallies, and events are ongoing to mobilize more Iowans who are opposed to the pipeline.

“I’m disappointed in the Corps but even more disappointed in President Obama, who has the power to stop this pipeline yet has done nothing,” said Bold Iowa director Ed Fallon. “When the President sees hundreds of us getting arrested, standing side-by-side with our landowner and tribal allies as we block construction of the pipeline, then maybe he’ll do something.”

  • Lakota/Dakota Tribal Youth from near the North Dakota Bakken oilfields stopped in Des Moines Saturday for a rally with Bold Iowa, en route on a cross country marathon run to Washington DC;
  • A lawsuit filed by ten landowners alleging that Dakota Access cannot legally be given the authority to use eminent domain remains a live round;
  • Pipeline Construction monitors are being trained by the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition to observe and report potential environmental violations and/or hazards;
  • And Iowa CCI and Bold Iowa continue to build a team of hundreds of everyday Iowans who are committed to engaging in non-violent civil disobedience to delay and halt construction. The Pledge of Resistance can be found here.

“We remain steadfast that oil will not follow through this pipeline.” concluded Adam Mason, State Policy Director at Iowa CCI. “We’ll continue to fight tooth and nail – this is not a done deal.”

“We need to leave this oil in the ground and turn the corner to true renewable energies like wind and solar that will create good jobs, protect our environment, and build our communities.” added Mason.

Iowa CCI is part of a growing number of organizations, landowners, and everyday citizens across the state committed to stopping the proposed Bakken Pipeline alongside the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. Visit

Bold Iowa is part of the national Bold Alliance, now in five states and building new alliances to fight fossil-fuel infrastructure expansion projects and promote renewable energy. Visit

Iowa CCI is a statewide, grassroots people’s action group that uses community organizing to win public policy that puts communities before corporations and people before profits, politics, and polluters. CCI has been fighting to put people first for 40 years. Visit



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