“Fire Rastetter”, Branstad told at IA State Fair

All summer long, CCI members across the state have been confronting Governor Branstad about Regent Bruce Rastetter’s misconduct. Two weeks ago, it was Garry Klicker from Bloomfield. Last week, it was Patti Edwardson from Jefferson and another member in Rockwell City. Yesterday it was Evan Burger, a CCI member from Huxley.

Evan ran into Branstad at the Iowa State Fair and took the opportunity to ask him some tough questions about Rastetter. When Evan asked what the governor thought about the scandal surrounding Rastetter’s ethics violations, Branstad asked, “What scandal? There’s no scandal.” Evan then asked whether Branstad had looked at the emails obtained by CCI which prove that Rastetter abused his position as a regent.

Branstad said he had not, but that the Ethics Board is responsible for looking into that evidence and making a decision. Evan continued to press Branstad, asking, “So if the board finds Rastetter guilty of an ethics violation, you will ask him to give up his position as a regent?” Branstad avoided the question by claiming that the governor does not have the power to fire a regent.

Evan pointed out that Branstad was able to force David Miles and Jack Evans out of their positions as President and President Pro Tem of the Board of Regents to make room for Branstad appointees Rastetter and Craig Lang. Branstad responded that “he simply let it be known that he would like them to step down,” and they decided to comply. Evan then asked the obvious question: “If Rastetter is found guilty, will you let it be known that you would like him to step down?” Before Branstad could answer, his handlers hurried him away from Evan.

The Iowa State Fair is an excellent opportunity to challenge our elected officials on important issues like the Rastetter scandal – keep your eyes open and you never know who you’ll see out shaking hands! And if you do get the chance to ask Branstad or anyone else about Rastetter, give the CCI office a call at 515-282-0484 or email us at iowacci@iowacci.org and let us know!


Ask Branstad to “simply let it be known” that Rastetter needs to go!

Join hundreds of other Iowans calling on Gov. Branstad to fire Bruce Rastetter —  the man unable to separate his role as an Iowa public Regent from his personal financial interest.

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