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Campaign for Family Farms & the Environment

Posted March 11, 2019

What is the Campaign for Family Farms & the Environment? The Campaign for Family Farms and the Environment (CFFE) works to oppose the national, state and local policies propping up factory farms and driving out independent family farmers, hollowing …

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Rep. Dean Fisher singlehandedly holds up a factory farm moratorium bill

Posted February 27, 2019

Rep. Dean Fisher from House District 72 is single-handedly blocking our moratorium bill, H.F. 203. That’s not right! Thousand of Iowans are calling for a moratorium and 25 counties have passed resolutions calling for a moratorium, local control, o …

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What is the Green New Deal and how do we use it as an organizing tool?

Posted February 19, 2019

Here’s the deal. The Green New Deal that introduced in Congress this month was only a resolution. It is not a full bill with detailed policies. That’s the beautiful part. This resolution is a starting point. And that’s why we’re so excited about it. …

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70 Organizations Call on Iowa’s Legislature to Support Sweeping Proposal for a Moratorium on Iowa Factory Farms

Posted February 14, 2019

Today, a coalition of 70 environmental, community and agricultural organizations called on Iowa’s General Assembly to advance a legislative proposal for a moratorium on new and expanding factory farms in the state. View the full sign on letter here.

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CFPB’s New Leader Helps Out Payday Lenders: The Fox is Guarding the Hen House

Posted February 12, 2019

The new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is proposing to gut its own rules designed to protect consumers from predatory lenders. Thankfully we can still make our voices heard.

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