CCI’s July 12-13, 2013 Statewide Convention


Hundreds of Iowans are spending the weekend taking action and standing up for what’s right at CCI’s Bold Vision, Bold Action 2013 Statewide Convention.



“It’s Brilliant! It Challenges us to think outside of normal means.”

“Invigorating, educational, renewal of friendship and a great way to share the past year of successful wins.”

It will fire you up to keep working for progress in the coming year!”


This is one of the best events we do all year, and a great way to jump in to be a part of the movement to put people first. Our power doesn’t come from titles or money; our power lies in you and Iowans across the state standing up and speaking out for what’s right. We’re spending the weekend celebrating a year of victories, and looking towards the future.

 Couldn’t make it? Celebrate with us! Check out CCI’s year in review here:


Looking for directions to our convention? Check out everything you need know here.