how to hold a house party

How to hold a house party


What is a house party and why do we hold them?

  • What is a house party? A house party is an event typically held in your home in which you invite people you know. It typically is an informal gathering at someone’s home with an organizational purpose. House Parties provide a wonderful opportunity to introduce new people to a particular issue, project, or the organization as a whole.
  • Why do we hold a house party? A house party is a great way for new folks to learn how they can make a difference. You can use a house party as a way to build membership; get more people involved in a particular issue (such as factory farms, voter-owned Iowa clean elections, or another important issue); get people more involved in the organization; or to raise money.


What are the steps to holding a house party?


  • Identifying and invite people. The guest list can be people you already know or other folks who live in your area and may be interested in the issues CCI works on. Iowa CCI can provide blank invitations for you to send out.
  • Get people to the party. Calling people to remind them will help to ensure that folks attend.

  • Plan the party. Work with CCI staff to develop a program or agenda for the house party and get any printed materials from CCI. Figure out what refreshments to serve. Find someone to help you out (welcoming guests, keeping refreshment table stocked, making the presentation).
  • Hold the party. Just as you have planned it!
  • Follow up. Send thank you notes to people who attended. Send any sign-in sheets, petitions, new memberships, etc. to the CCI office