hold leg. accountable

How to hold your legislators accountable

Elected officials need to put people before corporations. Which is why we need to counter big-money special interest groups with ‘people power’ to make sure elected officials respond to our issues and stand on the side of everyday people.

Here are six actions YOU can take to hold legislators accountable:

  1. Call, e-mail or drop into your legislator’s office regularly – they need to hear from you, their constituents.
  2. Watch your e-mails and mail box for CCI action alerts to know when your call or email will have the biggest impact. (Not on our e-mail list? Send your name and e-mail to iowacci@iowacci.org)
  3. Watch your local papers and sign up for your legislators’ e-newsletter to find out when they are holding meetings or other events in your area – and then be there to raise the issues.
  4. Write letters-to-the-editor, often the most read page of the paper.
  5. More people means more power to get things done – involve others who care about these issues. Invite them to attend a lobby day or legislative coffee, and ask them to call or email their legislators.