inviting friends

Inviting friends to event

You can help! Below are simple steps you can take to help us reach out and get a bigger turnout at events!


Step 1: Who do you know? Make a list of friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

Step 2: Why would they come? Jot down why you think those on your list would, or what would motivate them to CCI events. Share why you’re going and why you think it’s important.

Step 3: Who do they know? Are those on your list connected to other groups or people they could invite?

Step 4: How will you personally ask them to come? In person, by phone, over email, make a presentation? Make a plan and stick to it. Remember to make it easy for them to attend. You can do this by letting people know well in advance about the event & offering to carpool.

Step 5: Follow up. Keep it on their radar with a check in or reminder call.

Other helpful turnout ideas:

  • Talk it up with everyone you know. People are more likely to come when directly asked by you.
  • Keep extra flyers handy to pass out when you see your friends and family.
  • Send an email to all your contacts and any listservs you are on.
  • Make a presentation to other groups you belong to.
  • Use Facebook or other social networks to invite people to create a buzz. (Be our fan on Facebook: Then, tell your friends to become fans.)
  • Write a letter to the editor or comment on blogs you read.
  • Don’t have many to invite? Contact CCI office and we can plug you in to other turnout activities, like calling other members in your area.