Top 5 ways to share the word on Facebook

Top 5 ways to share the word on Facebook

Facebook is a powerful tool for social justice. Here are several simple Facebook features you can use to engage others in and spread the word about our work, issues and events to help build our network of active members.

1. FIND US on Facebook at and ‘Like’ us. By ‘Like-ing’ (aka becoming a fan of) our page, our posts and updates will show up in your news stream.

2. LIKE OUR STUFF! Like a link or photo we post? Tell the world! Click the ‘like’ option, a simple way to let others know what you are interested in. Or, leave a comment to engage with others.


3. SHARE POSTS! You can also ‘Share’ our posts and events with your Facebook friends. It will appear on your profile and news stream. This is great way to spread the word.

4. RSVP! If you’re coming to one of our events please RSVP on Facebook. It not only lets us know you’ll be there, but helps build a buzz. And, it Facebook does a great job of reminding you of upcoming dates. On the right hand side of an event page, there is also easy way to ‘Invite people to come’ to our events.

5. Write on our wall! Go to our page and write us a post. We love hearing from you!