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IMG_4027Our economy has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. An economy built for the 1% and big corporations creates a few winners and a lot of losers. The Future of Work for more than 50 million American workers is increasingly insecure and unjust.

  • Corporations have taken manufacturing jobs that paid well out of the country in search for lower labor costs and standards, so the low paying service sector exploded.
  • Executive pay skyrocketed and the wealthy received tax cuts year after year, so the real wages of everyone else stagnated, causing a sharp increase in income inequality.
  • The decline of highly unionized industries and attacks on the right to organize = decline in percentage of workers covered by a union contract.
  • Many low-wage workers lack good, stable jobs with benefits like health insurance, but earn too much to qualify for public services.
  • The failure of a corporate-run and profit-driven economy to generate good jobs has led to an increase in the humber of long-term unemployed workers, who disappear from official economic indicators (including the unemployment rate) as they become discouraged and stop looking for work.

The solution is to organize to take back our economy city by city and state by state.

Over the course of four years, CCI members have been organizing on workers’ issues, such as wage theft, misclassification, health and safety violations, and workplace discrimination.

  • We have recovered over $170,000 in unpaid wages
  • Organized workers to trigger OSHA inspections at factory farms
  • Moved a large construction company to adopt an anti-wage theft clause in its business contracts
  • Brought the voice of affected workers to the Iowa State Capitol to advocate for legislation that protects hardworking Iowans from wage theft and misclassification.

Although we have been successful in helping individual workers – mostly Latinos in the construction industry – recover their unpaid wages, we have noticed that wage theft is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rapidly deteriorating work conditions for all workers, across all industries.

Our Future of Work Campaign is working to inform and engage workers from all walks of life, to get a clearer perspective about the problems they are facing, and empower workers to spark positive change in their workplaces across the state.



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