Why the surge in factory farm expansion?

After several years of limited growth in the state, the recent surge in factory farms may be attributed to a number of factors: speculations about hog prices and demand (new trade deal with Korea), a dip in corn prices, increase in chemical fertilizer prices. Or, to simplify it even more, corporate greed.

But, here in Iowa, we also know Gov. Branstad’s administration, Iowa legislators and the corporate ag lobby are pushing for an increasingly lax regulatory environment for corporate hog factories and are intent on gutting the Iowa DNR’s enforcement abilities.

Right now, while hundreds of families are worried sick about their future quality of life, property values and the environment impact, the Association of Business and Industry is pushing a new rule that would put into law that our Iowa Department of Natural Resources take a “hands off ” approach to factory farm enforcement.

The reality is they already do this in too many cases, but formalizing this practice will only lead to more factory farm expansion and more manure spills and water pollution.

Tell the Iowa DNR to crack down on factory farms today and say no to formalizing a weak environmental oversight environment that welcome factory farm expansion.

Members have already submitted more than 150 comments on the new rule. Help us double that number.


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