Who’s behind the bill to dismantle the Des Moines Water Works

Legislators and Des Moines City Council members can say whatever they want – but we know HF 484 (formerly HF 316) is a corporate power grab aimed to punish the Des Moines Water Works for their lawsuit against Big Ag and their mess. 

Who’s directly behind this bill?

  • This bill was introduced by Rep. Jerad Klein (R – Washington County). Klein has taken over $20,000 from Big Ag donors in recent years. Locals tell us Klein owns multiple factory farms in the Keota area, though it’s hard to track as they are registered under multiple names and LLC.

Why was this bill introduced in the House Ag Committee and not in Local Government?

  • This shows the power and influence of the Farm Bureau to move on bills quickly that directly impact their bottom line. A better question is why is the State Legislature taking up this local matter? Again – they are specifically targeting Des Moines Water Works lawsuit that challenges corporate ag’s bottom line and status quo.

Does HF 484 (formerly HF 316) change all water utilities in the state?

  • Nope! This bill has a clear bias at targeting the Des Moines Water Works, which serves over 500,000 people and would affect 1/6 of all Iowans. Again, it’s clearly a corporate power grab aimed to let Big Ag off the hook for the mess they’ve created.

Who else supports HF 484? (formerly HF 316) 

  • Right now, four lobbyists for the City of Des Moines, who take direction from the Des Moines City Council, are registered in support of this bill.  Shame on the City Council members that support this Farm Bureau power grab over their own constituents! There has never been a public council vote or discussion on this issue.
  • These lobbyists, hired by the city of Des Moines, also represent the Iowa Drainage District Association. The Des Moines Water Works lawsuit directly  ties in with the drainage districts in Buena Vista, Calhoun, and Sac counties where this lawsuit stemmed from.

HF 484 is another anti-local control, anti-local democracy measure designed to silence fearless truth-tellers like DMWW CEO Bill Stowe, the Des Moines Moines Water Works Board, and quell the growing citizen demand to crack down on corporate ag and factory farm polluters.

They are trying to shut down a truly meaningful attempt to hold corporate ag accountable under the Clean Water Act.

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