The Register gets it right

Did you see the Des Moines Register’s recent scathing editorial?

They agree that we must tap the brakes on factory farms:

“If lawmakers can’t provide more local control, then they should pass a moratorium on new confinements.”

TAKE ACTION: Tell Gov. Reynolds and legislative leadership
NO MORE factory farms!

Why? Because it’s clear that the industry is out of control. Consider just the latest evidence:

  • DNR passed the buck on meaningful changes to factory farm rules that thousands of people wanted,
  • More than 5,000 additional factory farms were just discovered in a statewide survey,
  • A state worker was fired for educating counties about their rights to object to factory farms,
  • DNR has proposed weakening rules for testing E. coli which puts thousands of Iowans at risk,
  • and more — all at the expense of everyday Iowans.

Our Clean Water Fight is gaining speed – there’s no doubt about it. We’re not mentioned by name, but this editorial lifts up work we’ve done together to reign in the factory farm industry and demand action for clean water.

Let’s keep the momentum going! The legislative session is just around the corner. 

TAKE ACTION: Take three minutes to email Gov. Reynolds and House & Senate Leadership today.
Do they stand with us or the factory farm industry?

It’s up to us – everyday Iowans like you and me – to keep the pressure on state leaders and polluters to make them clean it up! And, we need to say NO MORE factory farms.

THEY dump it, YOU drink it; we won’t’ stop ’til they clean it up!

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