Farm & Environment

We organize and build power for clean water, independent family farms, and a Green New Deal to work towards a more equitable food & farm system that benefits everyone: family farmers, workers, eaters, and the environment. Our food & farm system should be in the hands of many diverse independent family farmers, not under the control of Big Ag corporations.

We recognize that racial discrimination plays a major role in every issue that Iowa CCI works on. And, we know that achieving the food & farm system that we need and deserve starts with educating ourselves, our members, and our allies, being more intentional about diversifying our membership base, and ensuring that when we are creating our vision for an equitable food and farm system, the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color are included in that vision. The Farm & Environment team will continue working to ensure these beliefs are reflected in the farm & environment-related solutions we fight for.

We are fighting for:

  • Our right to clean water
  • Local control and a moratorium on new and expanding factory farms
  • Climate measures that meet the scale of the climate crisis we are in

Check out these additional pages for more information on the issues we work on:

  • Climate Justice. You’ll find information on the Green New Deal, THRIVE resolution, and ways to take action for climate justice.
  • Clean Water & Factory Farms. You’ll learn about our clean water lawsuit, moratorium campaign, and ways you can take action for clean water and to fight factory farms.
  • Farm & Environment Resources. You’ll find our 3-part blog series on Confronting Racism & White Supremacy in our Food & Farm System and our webinar series on The Food & Farm System We Need & Deserve.

How can you help?

Whether you’re passionate about fighting for clean water, concerned about a factory farm proposing to build near you, or interested in our climate justice work, there’s plenty of ways for you to get involved!

Meet the Team

Deep Roots: From the CCI Archives

Taking our fight for clean water to the courts

It was just a year ago that we had our first day in court for our Clean Water Lawsuit. 

We sued the State of Iowa for failing to uphold their duty to protect our right to clean water. Iowa’s increasing water pollution, and the state’s inaction on this issue, is unacceptable. People and communities are paying a heavy price for the reckless behavior of corporate ag. At Iowa CCI, we believe that we have a right to clean water…

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From the farm crisis to our current pandemic, farmers need a fair price

In 1985, CCI members like Virginia Genzen, a farmer from Crawford County in Northwest Iowa (photographed to the left leading a rally of hundred of Iowans outside the House chambers) were in the middle of the farm crisis. Farmers across Iowa and the country were faced with prices below the cost of production.

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Something stinks in rural Iowa

During the 2008 legislative session, state legislators bent over backwards for the factory farm industry, providing little to no protections for everyday people. Sound familiar? The legislature even passed a bill to give $23 million in taxpayer money to the factory farm industry to “study” odor for 5 years.

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