Iowa’s Fight for 15

Thousands upon thousands are taking to the streets across the nation for our right to a living wage – for the Fight for $15.


We’re joining them – let’s go Iowa!


Across the nation, cities, states and large retailers, even Walmart, are taking action to raise the minimum wage. Iowa needs to do the same. In September of 2015, Johnson County passed a $10.10 wage – it’s time for all 99 counties in the state to follow suit, and pass a wage that respects the dignity of workers.



We brought the Fight for $15 to Iowa in 2015, and it was a year for the books. Thanks to you having conversations, rallying outside of fast food restaurants, holding franchise owners accountable, writing into your papers and standing up for worker’s rights, we started to see a change in the perception of the Fight for $15 in Iowa. Folks know we need a living wage. They’re talking about, and many are taking to the streets for it.


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