Job Openings

Have a passion for social justice?

Want to work for a forward-thinking, agenda-setting, speak-truth-to-power community organization that knows how to mobilize and engage lots of people to stand up for what’s right, put pressure where it needs to be put and win policies that put people first?

The best way to stay in touch is to become a member, get involved, and check back for future job openings.

Currently hiring:

Digital Organizer (Added 2/5/2019)

Student Organizer (added 8/6/2019)


We’re working to win:

  • A food and farming system that benefits farmers, workers, eaters, and our environment;
  • A health care infrastructure that takes everyone in and puts profits out;
  • Law enforcement that prohibits racial profiling and police brutality;
  • Publicly run utilities that prioritize renewable energy systems;
  • A living wage and unions for all.

Iowa CCI and CCI Action organize to build the power of everyday people in Iowa’s rural and urban communities. We win change through issue campaigns and elections.

For 44 years, our mission has been simple: Everyday people can be a powerful force for justice.

We are the largest organized, progressive constituency in Iowa with more than 5,100 dues-paying members in all 99 counties in Iowa. We’re young and old, rural and urban, black, brown and white, and work together like few groups do to push the bold policy solutions our communities need.  

In the last three years, more than 15,000 people have acted with us to fight for clean water, healthcare for all, $15 and a union, immigrant rights, racial justice, and to get money out of politics. We constitute a significant percentage of voters that are highly informed and committed to putting their beliefs into action by reaching out to other Iowans to build our movement.