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Have a passion for social justice?

Want to work for a forward-thinking, agenda-setting, speak-truth-to-power community organization that knows how to mobilize and engage lots of people to stand up for what’s right, put pressure where it needs to be put and win policies that put people first?

The best way to stay in touch is to become a member, get involved, and check back for future job openings.

Currently hiring:

Community Organizers

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is looking to hire two Community Organizers to join our dedicated, fired-up staff team. Their primary focus will be to develop and implement grassroots organizing campaigns that build people-power, shift narrative, and directly confront corporate power to win concrete change that makes our communities more just and democratic – and makes life better for a lot more people.

The organizers we hire will work on one of these teams:

Climate Justice team – Scientists say we have less than ten years to save the planet. Our members know what it will take: transitioning our energy system to 100% renewable energy that benefits 100% of the people; a food and farm system that works for farmers, workers, eaters, and our environment; and a transfer of power away from big oil and big energy corporations to locally owned & democratically controlled systems.

Movement Politics team – Big social change always comes from the ground up, not the top down. It comes from a mass-based, people-power movement. We use elections to challenge the establishment, change business-as-usual politics, build our power and influence, and advance our top-tier issue campaigns. We want to elect people from our ranks to public office – people who think like us, act like us. And people who are willing to co-govern with us once they’re elected.

We’re looking for someone who’s eager to help execute an ambitious plan to exponentially expand our people-power – and win justice. We’re looking for someone who’s ready to build relationships with lots and lots of grassroots people and develop them to be leaders in their community. If that sounds like you, apply for this job!

The ideal candidate is a good listener, an avid learner, driven, eternally optimistic, and flexible. They should be comfortable juggling multiple tasks, and thrive in a fast-paced team environment.

Most of all, they should have a strong desire to help shape the way people view the world, get people to act and help CCI grow. A sense of humor is a must! About Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Iowa CCI is a forward-thinking, agenda-setting, speak-truth-to-power community organizing group that knows how to mobilize lots of everyday people to stand up for what’s right and put pressure where it needs to be put to win policies that put people and planet first. For 45 years, our mission has been simple: organize everyday people to be a powerful force for justice.

Our current organizing campaigns include: Clean Water Fight/Stop Factory Farms, Immigrant Rights/Justice, Racial Justice/Stop Racial Profiling, Healthcare for All, Clean Energy Future, and electoral work (movement politics) to change “business as usual” politics.

Our 4,400+ dues-paying members across the state believe you don’t have to stand by and just let things happen. We believe in getting things done to put people before profits and communities before corporations. We view this troublesome time as a clear call to action and an opportunity to build political power to shape the Iowa we want and need to see.

About the Community Organizer Position:

The Community Organizers we hire will work with their direct supervisor and organizing team to develop and implement effective organizing strategies and tactics to build base, shift worldview, and win. The organizers will work out of our statewide headquarters in Des Moines.

Primary Responsibilities:

Campaign Development and Execution:

  • Work collaboratively with program team to design and implement strategic plans for organizing campaigns.
  • Conduct research on issues important to the organization and our campaigns, research issues raised by members, and develop leaders to do research themselves.
  • Develop plans for, and execute meetings with, CCI members to create action strategies and plans for winning on issues and achieving goals.

Base-building and Leadership Development:

  • Create and lead popular education and skill building trainings to develop the leadership of CCI members.
  • Meet with community members on issues impacting them, determine their needs, and implement strategies to sign them up as dues-paying members of CCI and emerging leaders in the organization.
  • Lead members in carrying out agreed upon strategies to win concrete victories.

Communicating Our Work:

  • Craft messages and develop media strategies to raise awareness about issues and build support for our organizing, worldview and theory of change.
  • Speak to the media on our issues, and identify and train leaders to be media spokespeople on matters important to the organization.
  • Take complex issues/concepts and communicate them in an easy to understand manner with our members and the general public.


  • Create narratives for grant requests and grant reports as needed, as well as cultivate and maintain relationships with current and prospective funders.
  • Research grant opportunities and other funding opportunities for the organization.
  • Collaborate with our development team to create strategies to move members from basic-level membership to monthly giving and/or major donors.
  • Participate in periodic phone banks and other activities aimed at raising more money for the organization.


  • Ability to work well with everyday people from all walks of life
  • Excellent writing and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent strategic thinking and decision-making skills, and attention to detail
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple projects while working in a team setting
  • Not afraid to use confrontation as a tactic for winning justice
  • Must have a car or have access to a car on a daily basis

Salary & Benefits:

  • Salary beginning at $35,600 (for someone with little or no organizing experience)
  • Full health, dental & vision coverage
  • Generous paid vacation
  • Flexible and stimulating work environment

How to apply:

Email resume, cover letter and three references by March 23, 2020 to: · Hugh Espey, Executive Director

Please put “Community Organizer” in the subject line.

Iowa CCI is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

We’re working to win:

  • A food and farming system that benefits farmers, workers, eaters, and our environment;
  • A health care infrastructure that takes everyone in and puts profits out;
  • Law enforcement that prohibits racial profiling and police brutality;
  • Publicly run utilities that prioritize renewable energy systems;
  • A living wage and unions for all.

Iowa CCI and CCI Action organize to build the power of everyday people in Iowa’s rural and urban communities. We win change through issue campaigns and elections.

For 44 years, our mission has been simple: Everyday people can be a powerful force for justice.

We are the largest organized, progressive constituency in Iowa with more than 5,100 dues-paying members in all 99 counties in Iowa. We’re young and old, rural and urban, black, brown and white, and work together like few groups do to push the bold policy solutions our communities need.  

In the last three years, more than 15,000 people have acted with us to fight for clean water, healthcare for all, $15 and a union, immigrant rights, racial justice, and to get money out of politics. We constitute a significant percentage of voters that are highly informed and committed to putting their beliefs into action by reaching out to other Iowans to build our movement.