US Representative Keith Ellison spoke at our 2014 Statewide Convention, and he brought the room to a standing ovation.

Inspiring. Dynamic. Powerful.

“Think of the moment we’re in as a fruit tree. Branches are ripe with fruit. They’re either going to be picked and harvested, or they’ll rot and fall to the ground. That rot is cynicism; it makes us turn on each other. We’ve got to harvest the fruit now.

Now is NOT the time for disunity. It’s the time to cling to each other and change this country for generations to come, a country based on equality and inclusion. That’s the moment we’re in. That’s the moment we’ve got to seize.”

We asked folks in Des Moines why they want clean water. Click on the video to hear what they said!

There are only 3 weeks until Iowa’s Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) decides if they will strengthen the Clean Water Act rule for factory farms.

Help us reach 10,000 signatures by August 19: We won’t let the EPC shut us up or shut us out.

Want to hit the streets and collect signatures? We have empty Clean Water pledge cards at the office: take em’ to church, the grocery store, on your walk around the neighborhood, you name it!


Join the Fight

Factory farm proposing to build near you? Have concerns about an existing facility?
We can work with you and your community to fight back and stand up for clean air and water and your quality of life.

Click on one of the images to reach the PDF – once there, print and take your photo!

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