Discriminación racial ocurre en Iowa.


La policía de Des Moines necesita reconocer que discriminación racial es una tema deshumanízate.

Estamos luchando por una cambia en las políticas en todo el estado y al dentro del departamentos de la policía.

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In November 2014 a group of construction workers came to CCI about not being paid.

Then they kept coming.

Over the course of the next month more and more workers reported similar experiences on the same project.

After CCI organizers dug in on the case, we uncovered that not only were dozens of workers not being paid by their sub-contractors, but the sub-contractors were also not being paid by the general contractor, Thompson Thrift. 

Thompson Thrift is a multi-state construction corporation from Indiana. The company was in the process of building the now-completed Watermark luxury apartments in West Des Moines near Jordan Creek Mall.

Two small businesses affected in this case are J&L Perfect Drywall of Des Moines and Pristine Remodeling Group of Council Bluffs and 50 of their workers. In total, these two businesses are owed almost $200,000 in unpaid wages.

Thompson Thrift did not comply with their contract and used loopholes in Iowa law to not pay the subcontractors.

Due to these loopholes in Iowa law, a nationwide corporation was able to build a luxury apartment complex in our state and not pay hard-working Iowans in full for work they completed. This is not right.

We’re working to hold Thompson Thrift accountable for paying their subcontractors and the workers, and to close the gaps in Iowa law which allow this to happen so frequently.


Here’s how you can take action right now:

Call Thompson Thrift to tell them to pay their workers! You will most likely reach a receptionist – please ask to be directed to John Thompson, the head of the company.

1. Dial 812-235-5959.

2. Here’s what to say once you’re connected:

I’m calling regarding the unjust treatment of workers at Thompson Thrift’s Watermark Apartments project in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Mr. Thompson, you need to pay these small businesses like J&L Drywall, Pristine Remodeling Group, and other small businesses that have been working on the Watermark Apartment project.

These Iowa small business and their workers deserve to be treated with dignity and paid for their work. Pay the companies for their work on the Watermark project!

2. After you call, please email emilys(at)iowacci.org to let us know how it went!


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