Bakken Pipeline Resistance

A Fortune 500 oil corporation down in Texas is planning on building a dangerous oil pipeline through Iowa in order to transport crude, dirty, explosive Bakken oil down to the Gulf of Mexico.


We need an energy policy that works for everyone.





  • Energy Transfer Partners seeks the state’s approval to use eminent domain to build this pipeline. By Iowa Utility Board code, eminent domain is reserved for projects that will benefit the public good and convenience. This project only serves to increase ETP’s profits- all of the risks and burdens are shifted onto the shoulders of Iowans. For this reason, the use of eminent domain for the Bakken Pipeline would be an abuse of this power.


  • Previous crude oil spills across the country have had devastating, lasting impacts on land and water. This project exposes all of Iowa’s watershed to this threat.


  • By investing in more fossil fuel infrastructure, we are impeding the development of renewable energy infrastructure that would benefit Iowans.


  • The economic projections laid out by Energy Transfer Partners were debunked by ISU Professor of Economics, Dave Swenson. Similar over estimates in job numbers and income to the state were found in economic reports commissioned by TransCanada for the Keystone XL Pipeline.


    • Opposition to this project is strong. Republicans, Democrats, farmers, landowners, and environmentalists are working in coalition to shut down the Bakken Pipeline.


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